5 Reasons Why the Insurance Company Refuses to pay Compensation for Damaged Cars

It is no secret that not all drivers can boast of having driver resumes at the Niki Lauda profile level. On the road, unforeseen situations often arise when even an experienced driver does not have time to react fast enough to synchronize with a rapidly changing traffic situation. Insurance companies offer car insurance services just for such unpredictable situations.

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There are situations in which the insurance company will not compensate for the damage, unless by a court decision, if the car owner, of course, succeeds in reaching such a decision. So, in what situations should a vehicle owner not expect a voluntary payment by the insurer of compensation for a damaged car?

Manufacturing defects

There is always a place for chance in life. Even the most responsible vehicle manufacturer can make a mistake, as a result of which a car that just came off the assembly line ignites for no apparent reason, for example, due to a short circuit in the wiring.

If the fire occurred due to a manufacturing defect, for which there is sufficient evidence, it is better for the car owner to seek compensation from the automaker immediately. Like insurers, vehicle manufacturers rarely indemnify pre-trial damages, but in this case, a lawsuit with a car concern has more prospects than a court against an insurance company.

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Poor repair

You should not rely on insurance payments when the car was poorly repaired or additional not specified equipment was installed on the car by the manufacturer, which led to a fire.

It will be almost impossible to prove the fact of poor repair, if the car owner has no supporting documents. For example, this is possible when servicing a vehicle with private individuals in garage cooperatives.

The owner of the vehicle will be refused to gain the payment of the policy, and damage can be recovered from the repairmen only if there is evidence that it was their incorrect actions that led to the ignition of the car.

Engine overheat

In the rules of voluntary car insurance for most of the companies in the list of exclusions from the insurance coverage there is a fire of the car due to the warming of the engine or other components and assemblies by open flame sources.

As a rule, a fire examination allows you to accurately determine what exactly caused the vehicle to ignite. It is pointless to hide the fact of violation of the rules from the insurance company, such actions can be equated with fraud. Therefore, if the car owner prefers to warm the engine with an open flame, then the possible losses from this action will fall only on him.

Car Accident caused by a drunk driver

Damage to the vehicle insured under the contract, if its driver was drunk or was under the influence of drugs, in any case is not an insurance event. Even if the car caught fire not as a result of a collision with another vehicle, but a few minutes later.

Therefore, you should not drive an insured car after drinking alcohol, even if there is some urgent and urgent matter. Of course, the driver can refuse a medical examination, but even in this case, the owner of the vehicle will be denied insurance compensation.